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2007, Oct. 21

Today a group of Namban Rengo runners followed the Yamamote trail.

We covered 39km in 4:25 h (running time 3:46 h).

It was a great run and a very good opportunity to experience Tokyo.

I could wear my legs out during the last few km by increasinf the speed a little ;-)

Suwako HM is lying ahead, so I will start tapering on Thuersday.

Until then I want to run some more km. Still not decided if I run for a good time or want to squeeze in more km to be prepared for Othawara… Continue

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Takashimadaira Road Race , Oct. 21

Today a group of Namban runners took part in the Takashimadaira Road Race.


Fabrizio - 17:46 - 6th place

Gordon - 17:55 - 8th place


Gerard: 35:15

Yoshida: 35:30

Juergen: 38:02

Anthony: 41:05

Tamami&coach: 50:??

Jun: 41:30


Katayama: 1:08:59 (ran with us at the Tamako Ekiden)

Brett: 1:11:17

Yuri: 1:15:40

Mika: 1:25:30 (1:25:10)

Conditions were good, though a bit windy,…


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2007, Oct. 20:

Today I ran my standard 16k round in 1:09 instead of 1:22. Pace was fast from the beginning.
Instead of running a 5:15min/km pace I started with 4:40. After a few km pace increased constantly and the last km were covered in 4min/km. Well, temperature was down to 18 C that might be a reason.
Tomorrow will be the famous Namban JR Yamamote run. Let's see if I can cover 38k after todays workout ;-)

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returned to Japan, next runs ahead

Yesterday, Oct 12, I returned to Japan. Temperatures went down a lot compared to Aug./September.

That's great. Jetlag will nag me for the next days, so I don't expect hard training sessions or double workouts until next week.

Best thing: I got a spot in the 2. International Tokyo Marathon. This is really something.

Can't wait to run again -but PLEASE- not in such rain as last year.

Well, next race is planned to be Suwako HM on Oct 28. Want to get a feeling for my… Continue

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Running Blog

September 2007

3.12k, incl. 2x3x900 (kyoto), average 3:15

4.9k, incl. horwill 800, target 90:


5. 13k incl. 2x3x1000 frame 6:30 average 3:30

7. 5x700 uphill (snu), av. 2:56.6

8. 16k

9. 2000m rowing, 9:26

10. 9k incl. 4x1200 av. 4.26.5

11. 10min weights

12. 10k incl. 10x400 av.81.2 fr. 2.45/hot

13. 9k incl. horwill 800 36/37/35/35//54/55/36//74/76

10min weights



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Yongsan Base 10k

Today the Seoul Flyers ran the Yonsan Base 10k in Seoul. I will probably never enter a US Base in Japan again, but the small races here are fun.

The Seoul Flyers had five runners, but organizer Jae Kim dropped out - not without taking pictures of the other members! Thanks!

Emily, our only lady, finished her first 10k in a sub 50min, great job!

I had high expectations in our two young Minnesoutans, Mark and Chris, and they went off like rockets from the start. Chris has a…


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Terry Fox Run/Seoul

Yesterday I ran my first race in Seoul this fall, the annual Terry Fox Run for Cancer Charity, held at Han River in the center of the city.

There was a considerable number of participants, but the race was even less competitive than the one in Tokyo, the runners were kept waiting for the speeches to be finished, then we finally started, much later than the announced 9:30. Never mind, it is a charity event.

Nevertheless, when we got going, there… Continue

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