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Tanzawako Marathon was meant more for a day trip out of Tokyo than a race. In fact, having just come back from Ohtawara, I was undecided if to go or not until the very last minute and this indecision took me there just 10 minutes before the race start! My warm up was from the bus stop to the desk to collect the race number, run back to the start line, pass all my clothes to my son and run! I joined the 5K and finished 5th in the over 40 category in 17:39. Quite few ups and downs since Tanzawako is in the five lake region near Mt Fuji in Kanagawa prefecture.

The day was a beautiful warm day with an explosion of nature. Mother Earth was giving a feast of autumn colors to all her creatures. The view of the lake surrounded by the mountains was very refreshing and the classic snow covered top of Mt Fuji was adding the final touch at the a stunning view!

Many food stalls as well in the school compound. I have tried everything they had to eat. Tongiru (a soup made of pork, miso and vegetables) but with a variant of having "wild boar" instead of the pork. Barbecued fish on a stick: simply delicious!....oranges, yuzus, kaki and few types of sweets.

A race to remember only for the atmosphere, the view and the colors. I hope the pictures can transmit the reader the beauty of the day


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Comment by juergen wittstock on December 1, 2007 at 7:25pm
Really great pics!

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