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Our Theme Song!

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2013年 Eco Marathon the half の5kmにおいて、ゴールに不備がありましたことを重ねてお詫び申しあげます。前回の5kmの参加者のみ、2014年4月20日に行われます、Eco Marathon 5kmに無料参加できますので、参加希望の方は事務局まで、お問い合わせください。


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Refugees International Japan Loop Relay at Imperial Palace

A great time was had by all the runners and volunteers thanks to great running weather and a good charity donation. Details on the amount will follow later. We will definitely do this again and double our efforts!

Thanks to all!

Positions were tightly contested in spite of having only seven…


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Races in Cambodia

Running in Cambodia

See the below for some possibilities!

1. Christmas Racing Carnival is held on three different dates during the holiday season. It will comprise of three events of :

o 10k including Crazy Cap Contest on 21-Dec-2013…


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Turtle Marathon 2013

Congrats to all finishers in this demanding race! Even just supporting was hard in the rain! And many thanks again to the organisers for inviting us!…


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Öko-Run Wächtersbach/Germany

Yesterday, I took part in the 10k Öko-Run at the town of Wächtersbach near my hometown, both in the vicinity of Frankfurt. It is a remarkable race, as the organiser is striving for eco-friendlyness, by, for example, donating to a climate charity to make the run carbon-neutral. More about this at:…


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Refugees International Japan 10k/5k

今日のチャリティーマラソンの参加者とスタッフの皆様にありがとうございました。寄付先のRefugees International Japanに30万円の寄付をする予定です。

Thanks to all runners for your participation in today's event! We had a wonderful day and 300000¥ will be donated to…


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Soma Fukushima Ohendo 10k

Had a good time at the Soma 10k though, the rain made it hard for everybody. The picture shows me with some of the volunteers and Takashige-san, the invitational runner. I was also happy with my 40:19, the best time I have run since my…


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Saiko Ecomarathon Results







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Saiko Ecomarathon Meeting/Party

Thanks to all staff-members for joining yesterdays meeting, I have never been as confident about a race as this time, we will have a wonderful event!

A special welcome to our guest from Cambodia, 13-year-old Pascal Kao, son of Vannarin Kao, organizer of the Phnom Penh International Halfmarathon…


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Sihanoukville Halfmarathon

On March 10., I ran my first half in two years, and succeeded in making the top-ten. Initially, the result showed me in 13th position, but it seems they caught some cheats. My time was 1:36:07, not bad on a hot and humid morning. Men's and Women's divisions were won by Germans, with Joerg Heiner beating Cambodian…


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Chea Sim Kamchay Mear Univerity Running Team

Since yesterday, yours truly is officially a university coach!! And all members of this website are invited to assist! More soon on this page!…


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Hakone Ekiden 2012

Again, in front of the TV, watching others run, but in the afternoon, it will be my turn!

Impressive performance by the two African students on the second leg, even if Nihon University took the lead only for a moment thanks to Benjamin's superhuman effort, just to fall back to 10. on the next leg. From then, it looked like Toyo Uni would safely win todays outbound race, but on the last leg, they were passed by the University for Physical Education and Waseda. Great effort by Hattori…


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New Year in Japan

A typical Japanese New Year will always contain two things: Rice cake and Ekiden.

The corporate Ekiden in Gunma on Jan. 1., and the two legs of the Hakone Ekiden (pitching the leading universities against each other) on Jan. 2. and 3..

There are many good sites that feature the races, so I will not do this here. But I wonder if our members in other countries know what the worst thing in an Ekiden is? It is the 'white sash'! If a team does not connect because…


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Turtle Marathon

A good time was had at this year's Turtle Marathon run along the Arakawa near Kita-Senju. Noone of us ran really hard, as it was a bit hot, but we are very grateful to the organizer for inviting us again. And Alistair and myself found a nice Tex-Mex place on the way back to the station that actually had two seats left…


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Saiko Eco 2012 Fall/彩湖エコマラソン2012オータム

Thanks to all runners and volunteers for a great day! More soon on this site!

Sorry that we did not have a lottery and also gave up on the finisher cards this time, resources are limited...



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Save the Children Charity results/結果




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鴨川エコマラソン/Kamogawa Ecomarathon

Today's Kamogawaecomarathon was blessed by good weather and happy people! Thanks to everybody!


Pictures will be uploaded within a few days.



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