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October 2007 Blog Posts (6)

2007, Oct. 28:

Suwako HM, Nagano Prefecture:

This was my first race for Namban in Japan and I really enjoyed wearing the Namban shirt because many Japanese people asked me about Namban and they knew the club! So, I had to do my best to keep the good name ;-)

From the start on I could find a good pace (3:45min/km) since I followed a small group of 3-5 people who tried to stay below 1:20 as well.

Speed was a little high but I kept close to the group to give it a try.

5k in 18:30… Continue

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2007, Oct. 21

Today a group of Namban Rengo runners followed the Yamamote trail.

We covered 39km in 4:25 h (running time 3:46 h).

It was a great run and a very good opportunity to experience Tokyo.

I could wear my legs out during the last few km by increasinf the speed a little ;-)

Suwako HM is lying ahead, so I will start tapering on Thuersday.

Until then I want to run some more km. Still not decided if I run for a good time or want to squeeze in more km to be prepared for Othawara… Continue

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Takashimadaira Road Race , Oct. 21

Today a group of Namban runners took part in the Takashimadaira Road Race.


Fabrizio - 17:46 - 6th place

Gordon - 17:55 - 8th place


Gerard: 35:15

Yoshida: 35:30

Juergen: 38:02

Anthony: 41:05

Tamami&coach: 50:??

Jun: 41:30


Katayama: 1:08:59 (ran with us at the Tamako Ekiden)

Brett: 1:11:17

Yuri: 1:15:40

Mika: 1:25:30 (1:25:10)

Conditions were good, though a bit windy,…


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2007, Oct. 20:

Today I ran my standard 16k round in 1:09 instead of 1:22. Pace was fast from the beginning.
Instead of running a 5:15min/km pace I started with 4:40. After a few km pace increased constantly and the last km were covered in 4min/km. Well, temperature was down to 18 C that might be a reason.
Tomorrow will be the famous Namban JR Yamamote run. Let's see if I can cover 38k after todays workout ;-)

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returned to Japan, next runs ahead

Yesterday, Oct 12, I returned to Japan. Temperatures went down a lot compared to Aug./September.

That's great. Jetlag will nag me for the next days, so I don't expect hard training sessions or double workouts until next week.

Best thing: I got a spot in the 2. International Tokyo Marathon. This is really something.

Can't wait to run again -but PLEASE- not in such rain as last year.

Well, next race is planned to be Suwako HM on Oct 28. Want to get a feeling for my… Continue

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Running Blog

September 2007

3.12k, incl. 2x3x900 (kyoto), average 3:15

4.9k, incl. horwill 800, target 90:


5. 13k incl. 2x3x1000 frame 6:30 average 3:30

7. 5x700 uphill (snu), av. 2:56.6

8. 16k

9. 2000m rowing, 9:26

10. 9k incl. 4x1200 av. 4.26.5

11. 10min weights

12. 10k incl. 10x400 av.81.2 fr. 2.45/hot

13. 9k incl. horwill 800 36/37/35/35//54/55/36//74/76

10min weights



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