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Shinjuku Half/10k


I was looking for a half marathon last year to tune up for Tokyo (before I got sick and decided to make Tokyo a for fun / serious race) and found that Shinjuku was closed … hopefully though I managed to get in (thanks Mika).

Wonderful course, probably my favorite for a half marathon, as I you get to run right in the middle of Tokyo. Bad points no km marks and after the first 10km you crash against the slower runners and 10km runners and literally bump into them.

I had…


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Shibuya Ekiden Comments

Namban Rengo had a great day with 5.75 teams on the podium. In the men's open we finished second to the Harriers (which looked like Namban Rengo's professional division, with two Namban on their team). The women placed 1&2, sorry to Masako's (also a 0.25 Namban-team) Chudai OG, especially if we should have passed them on the last leg on which Yuki doubled up. And thanks to Masako for not telling…


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Running on TV in Japan (by Satohi)

Feature Winter and Spring races will be broadcast live exclusively on these channels.
Please note that if the schedule…

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Spring Races in Japan (thanks to Satohi)

Here are just a few races now open for application, not neccessary the ones I will do, but definitely good events recommended by Satohi. I will come up with info on events I will take part in later.
Juergen ( alias Namban)
Event name: The 63rd Biwako Mainichi Marathon…

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