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Namban Rengo had a great day with 5.75 teams on the podium. In the men's open we finished second to the Harriers (which looked like Namban Rengo's professional division, with two Namban on their team). The women placed 1&2, sorry to Masako's (also a 0.25 Namban-team) Chudai OG, especially if we should have passed them on the last leg on which Yuki doubled up. And thanks to Masako for not telling anybody!!

The vets finished 1&3, and yours truly proudly reports that he passed two on leg 3!

Here are some comments from people who joined for lunch:

Kesa kara, shibuya ekiden wo hashirimashita. Kouki wa chotto samukatta. Ke do course wa omoshirokatta des. Watashi no team wa ni i deshita. Watashi no time wa kyufun jukyu byo.


Yeah ha! It was my first day to join Nambanrengo, You are so nice and so fast!

Though I forgot to time myself , (maybe 14min?), I really enjoyed running with you. Thank you!


Though it was totemo samukatta desu, totemo tanoshikatta for my first ekiden! Always a pleasure to be part of the Namban group!


Getting up at the crack of dawn when the city is still dark. Coming to the race in the bitter cold, starting the race and hoping to do well for the honor of the team. Running `till your lungs are burning and your muscles are pumping battery acid. Coming to a party afterwards to celebrate your glory. Namban is the crucible which burns the fat off our souls.


We had never run in a race in Tokyo before and while 3km was a good starting distance, we`re hoping for warmer weather next time! In short, we are wimps!

Alice and Anthony

It`s really tough getting up this early but the event is good fun. Why 2.9km though? It`s also nice to see so many Namban faces.

Daniel K.

The ekiden was great experience: i loved it more than marathon!

Yuichiro yamaguchi

This years Shibuya Ekiden was very fun and great. Next year, I would like to keep up with Chika-chan! (She was so fast)


A good warm up to get your lungs used to the cold is essential. This race is really quick! Afterwards it is great fun catching up with everybody. It is really a fun filled day.



This was my first Ekiden race. I really enjoyed it!


It is always fun running with Namban runners. Especially meeting Chad .

Kiki-chan (written by Chad)

Exactly one year ago I ran in Yoyogi park on my 1st visit to Japan. I saw this event as a spectator and probably saw many Namban members. Therefore, this year it was special to run in the ekiden for me.


Shibuya Ekiden in 2006 was my first Ekiden. It was fun & exciting doing Ekiden with teammates.

I could pass 6 runners this year.


I am delighted I could make a small contribution to restoring the Namban Rengo masters team to its rightful place as winners at Shibuya Ekiden. I still don't like running such a short distance so early in the day, but today I coped much better than in past years running 9;39.


Team E report First runner: Chad Clark: 10:19
Second Runner: Russ Stram: 10:19
Third runner: Fujino san: 13:18
Fourth runner: Daniel Seite: 14:50 (PB for 1K with 4:39, I started too
fast then faded)
Total : 48:46.
It was a lot of fun. I inverted myself and Chad to allow a quick start
and keep the motivation for the team. So cold though.

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