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Running in Tokyo/Japan - Marathon/Clubs/Track Races


We will have a regular work-out in one of the stadiums in Phnom Penh every Wednesday, late afternoon around 5, for details ask Nary Ly or Vannarin Kao. I will post the schedule here every week.

Participants are welcome to post their results here!

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Than you Juergen.

I will let you know.

Have a great day.


This is what they do in Hong Kong!

1500m pace: 4 x (600ms, 60 secs rest, 600ms, 60 secs rest, 300ms) 3 mins rest between sets

Sounds tough, maybe two sets would be enough....

Juergen, do you have any contact with the Japanese commedian who  tried out for the Cambodian olympic team and ran 2:30 at Beppu a couple of years ago?


Hey mate, no, just know him from TV.


You are doing an awesome job in Cambodia! Developing a distance running culture and raising awareness for great causes! I salute you my friend!  

Mate, that's why we need you in Phnom Penh as well! the Cambodian students would love you!





Freecom English School



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