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Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall

Thanks to Bob and Jon for recommending it, it's a great book confirming many of the things I had in my mind about running, especially with regard to nutrition, shoes and posture. Give it a read!


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Well, until I finish writing my book, this one is available at Amazon!

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery

A much maligned aspect of training. Def worth adding to my book case. Thanks.
I think we need something about "runner's lifestyle", food, sleep, and injury prevention, maybe I should really try to write something about that...

Recently read Barefoot Runner by Paul Rambali, a well-written work, and more than a book about running, as we learn about Abebe's country, Ethiopia, and its history, Haile Selassi (formerly Ras Tafari), the "Negus Negusta" or "King of Kings".

Still, beyond history and politics, the main message of the book it to tell us about the breakthrough of African running - continued to our days by Abebe's countrymen and their Kenyan neighbors.

Just reading "Staying the Course" by Dick Beardsley. Maybe not as dramatic as "Duel in the Sun", but we learn a lot about this friendly and enthusiastic gentleman whose life has changed so much through running. Nice read.

Available also on Amazon: Staying the Course

Read this last year....interesting guy...he still runs I believe. You can find him on Face Book.

Yes, met him on facebook, and actually, he even replied to my birthday greetings. And yes, seems to be running well for a guy his age.

I have just read ' Running for the Hansons'  2011 Sage Canaday.. About a group of American runners sponsored by Brooks.

Their most famous runner is Brian Sell (2-10) who made the US Olympic Team as a marathoner..

A first person account of a reasonably good college runner who runs for them and eventually run a 2-16 Marathon.

Its an OK book...lots of descriptions of  super hard training runs the group carried out. Not something you can learn much from unless you are a full time athlete of fair ability (I think the entry to the group was a 28.30  10Km).

The book finishes with what is called a  Training Manifeso which is probably the most interesting part of the book.

And the usual link to Amazon, without a picture:


Not really worth buying...well my opinion...load to anyone who want to borrow.

Another book recommended by Jon: 14 Minutes: A Running Legend's Life and Death and Life about the live of Alberto Salazar. Have not yet read it, waiting for your comments!

Recently read 'Bowerman and the Men of Oregon', the story of the man who co-founded Nike and started the US-running boom. Also a good introduction into American running culture for people who are not so familiar with it.

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