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Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall

Thanks to Bob and Jon for recommending it, it's a great book confirming many of the things I had in my mind about running, especially with regard to nutrition, shoes and posture. Give it a read!


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Would be interesting to read it from Dick's perspective!

This is worth a read. Running With Joy-My daily journey to the marathon by Ryan Hall 2011.

As it says on the cover "American half Marathon Record Holder".

Perhaps also the 'Great white Hope'.

This books details his 14 week preparation for the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Hall is also very religious and he does not hesitate to say that he is a "passionate follower" of Jesus Christ.

Seems religious people are very fast, look at all the Africans!
Here is a link to Amazon

Well he is certainly religious.

I counted 13 mentions of God in ONE paragraph (and that para only had 12 lines.)

When he wins a race he points to the sky in confirmation that God chose Ryan Hall to win!

He writes "I know I am His adopted son"


Relentless Forward Progress by Byron Powell. A guide to Running marathons.

Just purchased this. Don't know why as I can not run!

Anyway  a pretty detailed guide to running one of these ultra things. Probably directed more to those of us who have not gone further than a Marathon.

Nice easy style. Good read.

Relentless Forward Progress

Well, maybe I should read this one before I start my second career!

For you its not needed i think.

You should be WRITING the book not reading it !!


Thanks, Jon! Well, we should all get together and write one!

Looks like you're developing a speciality for trail ultras, Juergen.


Another book....

The Athlete's Guide to Recovery': Rest ,relax & Restore for Peak Performance. 2011 by Sage Routree.

This book has A LOT of good advice...will I be smart enough to follow?....probably not.

Good book.


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