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I see this year the Beppu-Oita Marathon has relaxed their entry requirements to allow runners who have done a 3hr 30min marathon. 

Has anyone reading this done this race or would have any info, for instance is the course flat, hilly, windy etc.? Good atmosphere/organisation?
I guess, based on the qualifying time in previous years, that there will be a good number of fast marathoners there. Is this a suitable run for a slower runner like myself. I don't mind about my position but prefer having other runners around.

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I think Kiyo Yoshida should know!

Beppu-Oita is one of the international men's elite marathon in Japan.  So, the qualification time of it was sub 2:50 in last year. This season's event is 60th memorial and the qualification time is temporary changed. Women can aplly ,too.

The course is located at the seaside. It is  very flat and fast course. Sometimes, it is bit windy. Generally,it must be PB course. So, I made PB 2 years ago. I made 2nd PB in last year.

It is very good for a serious ranner. It is not good for a un runner.


I checked website of Beppu-Oita now. Category3(3:00-3:30runner) was already fixed. Sub3 runner has still apllied.





Thanks Kiyo and Juergen, I was trying to understand the updates on the marathon website with little success.


I entered the 2nd category for sub-3 runners, but haven't yet decided to run or not. If the change in qualification time is only temporary I guess I should take this opportunity. At least, with 1000 sub-3hr 30min runners I hope to avoid finishing last!

It is a fast course. But be warned if you don't reach certain points within the required cut off time you'll get pulled up by the officials.

Great to see this race being discussed. I volunteered at it a few years back when I lived in Oita and often trained on the course. Very flat and I have always loved running by the water. I used to start in Beppu run to Oita and then back to Beppu for an onsen or sand bath to aid recovery. Happy memories. Natsukashii!

I'm also pleased to see this discussed - I found very little information on this race on the internet, so have found Juergen's website useful. Good to catch up with Juergen in HK recently too at the Mizuno HM.


Kevin - I don't usually finish off a marathon day in a sand bath, the pub is my first choice destination, perhaps being in Beppu will change my habits. But probably not!



Plenty of pubs in Beppu Nick! If you want English-speaking assistance in the build-up or aftermath I can suggest a bar called PEI in Oita City (in the drinking district called Miyakomachi.) It is where all the expats(usually teachers) congregate and pontificate on the intricate details in the area.

Hey, this guy knows his way around!

Just to update; I did the Beppu-Oita Marathon this weekend, and thought it was a fantastic race and a relaxed place to spend a weekend. Organisation was excellent, weather was nice and cool, and the course was not too windy. I'm glad to get the opportunity to run this, I think I was the only non-Japanese there excluding the invited athletes.

Never did get to an onsen, or Oita City either unfortunately as I was staying in Beppu.

Thanks to other posters for info on this race.



Too bad you and Kiyo didn't meet up! What time did you run?
It was 2hr 57; fairly even splits, the last 5km was around 30secs slower than the first 5km, so overall quite smooth.
Good job, Nick!


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