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I see this year the Beppu-Oita Marathon has relaxed their entry requirements to allow runners who have done a 3hr 30min marathon. 

Has anyone reading this done this race or would have any info, for instance is the course flat, hilly, windy etc.? Good atmosphere/organisation?
I guess, based on the qualifying time in previous years, that there will be a good number of fast marathoners there. Is this a suitable run for a slower runner like myself. I don't mind about my position but prefer having other runners around.

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I am planning on running a marathon in Japan in 2012 and was considering Beppu is the qualification time going back to 2.50 next year?

The qualification time has not be decided yet. It will be announced around September.

I think it will go back to 2:50.

We have Jordan, a very fast, young gentleman, who will live in Kyushu from next month, keep him posted, I'm sure he wants to run this race!

hi juergen  how are u since we communicated last time 

i,m fine  what a bout beppu oita marathon?is it good i was that coz im still here in philipines 

is easy for me to get ticket to that place if it has good prize let me  know.


Hi Abraham,

The good news is that it is a very good race; one of the top ones. However it always attracts world class runners and is usually won in 2:10. In fact a regular competitor is Daniel Njenga. In order to get a prize you would need to run well under 2:20.


Yes, Owain said it all. And unfortunately, mid-sized races in Japan don't have prizes.... But still, really hope you make it to Tokyo to run with us, and if it's just for the glory! Keep us posted!

Also Abraham it's a very fast course. So if you want to run a great time this could be the race for you as you'll be running in a high quality field.

Interestingly Australian athletes have run very well there: Pat Carroll won it one year in 2:09. And other fellow countrymen have had big breakthroughs; a chap called Nick Harrison surprised everyone by finishing 3rd in a best time of 2:10 ( I think his previous best time was 2:14) and last year  Jeff Hunt finished 3rd on his debut in 2:11.

So it's a high quality race but a great event to run your best time. In fact I'm thinking of running it next year which would mean missing out on Kanagwe


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