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At 10:07pm on June 4, 2012, Bertram Martin said…

Thx Owain,

Sorry for the late response - my wife just had our second child and it has been a bit hectic for the past few weeks...

Hope to get out and run soon!

Hope to meet up as well!

At 10:36am on February 27, 2012, Michael Sevilla said…
Ok.thanks! ;-)
At 10:26am on February 24, 2012, Hiromi Kamiya said…

Hello, Owain.

Thank you for leaving a message! Yes, I would love to find new running friends!

If you guys have plan to run arround Koukyo ? ( the Imperial Palace ) I work near there so if you would run, I would love to join! If not I would join Yoyogi park running on weekends!

At 6:24pm on February 20, 2012, George Watson said…
Yes you will know the area well, but what a small world! We are(Tywyn) 30 miles North of Aberystwyth so it is the nearest big town.
There may Race the Train events, but I think we are the original,with thefirst race being held back in 1983, so 2012 will be the 29th race.
At 3:04pm on February 20, 2012, George Watson said…
Hi Owain,

Thanks for the welcome. I do my best promoting Race the Train in what as you say is very beautiful part of Wales. Here in North/ Mid Wales we have best of both worlds with the mountains and the sea being walking and running distance.
Race the Train always scores high on scenary with the runners. Although I am not sure they have the time to and take it in as they compete not only against each other but also the train.

At 11:25am on February 20, 2012, juergen wittstock said…

Make friends with George!

At 11:21am on February 19, 2012, juergen wittstock said…

Hey mate, do you know:

At 3:58pm on November 4, 2011, John Fowler said…
Thanks Owain, very kind of you.
At 5:23pm on October 18, 2011, Brian Goldstein said…
Thank you Owain.
At 10:47am on October 14, 2011, ABRAHAM KIBWAMBOK MISSOS said…

Thanks owein my cell no is 09155681552.

  yes its ok for me to join that race next year  i will really appreciate for what you  are doing for me

i hope to hear from you soon thanks.

At 4:51pm on October 10, 2011, ABRAHAM KIBWAMBOK MISSOS said…
At 4:49pm on October 10, 2011, ABRAHAM KIBWAMBOK MISSOS said…
hi owein how are u friend long time the  adress is   ORLANES,LIONEL LORENZO LEYSON M3 ADRESS UPPER BACAYAN   CEBU CITY
At 9:51pm on October 6, 2011, juergen wittstock said…

Hey mate,

hope you make it here again some time soon. I will not be in Japan for Kanagawa, so, shall we look for a different event! Greetings to Korea!

At 4:05pm on September 22, 2011, Darren Tham said…
Hi great to be part of your forum. I'm visiting Tokyo in late Nov 2011. Would like to run. Any route to suggest? Staying in Shinjuku area, guess its pretty built up eh?
At 3:22pm on September 11, 2011, Laura Miyazaki said…

Thank you! I hope to find out about running life through this website and it's members since I have no experience (^_^)/



At 4:59pm on July 7, 2011, kencebu said…
sweet, thanks Owain!  Glad to join this site.  Cheers! - Ken
At 12:26pm on July 5, 2011, Henry Rono said…

Hi Owain!

Im enjoying this website! Im glad I join you.My training is going well,I put in 90 minutes this is including:48mwp +30mhc+12mcd=90minutes. This is my formula that can put me through physical-fitness.Thanks

Coach Rono

At 11:17pm on June 21, 2011, CHAN Miu Ha said…
Thanks Owain!  Glad to join this site!
At 12:04pm on June 17, 2011, Joseph M. Thompson said…

Hey Owain,


I completely understand.  I am very excited about tomorrow.  I told Na Young that I will leave my running shoes at home...hahaha.  Good luck with preparing everything for your big move.  Hopefully we can visit you in Namhae before you jet out of here.  How's marathon training going? 


We will miss you tomorrow,



At 11:34pm on May 10, 2011, Mike Brown said…

Do you guys train together?  I have a group in Delaware that meets once a week for speed workouts.  Any similar in Tokyo?


Also, I'm interested in running a race or two while I'm out there (May 16 - June 2) do you know of any races during that time frame?  If so, what are they and how would I go about signing up?  Any help is appreciated.



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