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Well, Christoph asked me to write a bit more about my training, so I decided to make it a blog-post. September was not a particularly interesting month - but I will try to amend my usually cryptic blog-style so everybody understands - hopefully. Would be nice if others did the same, so we could have some discussion about training here on the site.

3. 5k

4. 43k including darmstadt full - 3:51:56 - I ran this full marathon in Germany because I had made the pledge to run a 10k, a half, and a full in one year. As I only spent five weeks in Germany, and was pretty busy doing things, I think I have to be content with the result.

6. 5k

7. 10k including 6x1000 average 3:44.3 - arrived on the same morning on a plane from Frankfurt, a good work-out is the best way to get over the jet-lag!

8. 10k

9. 6k&50min gym - first gym-workout in about two months, I could feel it the day after, I had obviously lost strength in my upper body, shoulder were aching!

10. 10k hilly - first time back in Ogawamachi, running up Sengenyama (Sengenyama short course), also see Sengenyama Video.

11. 13k hilly incl 11 ogawa 1:17, ran the longer course at higher speed, felt good!

12. 9k

13. 12k

14. 12k incl 4/10/12/12/10/8/4 at 88/3:33/4:24/4:26/3:37/2:50/80 - this work-out shows some improvement over the previous Wednesday, though I still felt a bit heavy, had gained some weight in Germany.

15. 13k

16. 12k incl 2x5x400 fr 2min, average 89.4 - a typical "easy repeat section" at a pace a bit faster than my 10k speed, with short breaks, as the time frame is only 2 minutes, at 90 sec., the break is 30 sec.

17. 9k

18. 45min gym, felt a bit better than the previous one.

19. 9k

20. 8k

21. 30min tcws (taichi/weights/stretching!)

22. 6k

23. 6k

24. ome-nippara 37k - this was a killer, see blog-post. I finished in 7h12, was very happy with my performance. For future trail competition, I will try to find course-profiles with less-steep downhills, as that would favor my speed. The event was clearly aimed at people with a mountaineering background, the hills were a bit steep for runners.

 26. 6k

27. 10k

28. 9k incl 5000 - 19:43 - a positive surprise, just trying to find my stride after the hard run on Saturday, I ran with a group and managed to average laps below 96, not bad!

29. 7k

30. 9k

Over-all distance; 276k, with a lot of hills!!

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Comment by Jon Holmes on October 4, 2011 at 7:31pm

Good saying...I will use it.

I often say "I can rest when I am dead".

Look forward to many runs and discussions on training when we get back to Japan.

Comment by juergen wittstock on October 4, 2011 at 7:00pm
Well, actually, I take only active-rest days, meaning, I go to the gym, however, I did not run the first days of the month. If I prepare for runs longer than marathon, there is even less rest. But I have to say, I feel a bit tired these days, maybe, I should rest more. But we have a German saying: "To rest is to rust!"
Comment by Jon Holmes on October 4, 2011 at 6:54pm
This is a good solid month. But it seems a little light on regarding rest/ recovery days.
Any thoughts on this?
Back in Japan soon...tanoshimiiiii.

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