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Utsukushigahara Trail Run:

We ran Utsukushigahara Trail Run 32k on August 27th.Actual distance is 36.5km by garmin.
This race has walking area, 5km distance. This regulation confused us a lot. Aid station has wide variety of foods and drinks! Especially Landscape was really nice and enjoyable. The course was challenging, especially the last long downhill about 8 km distance and 1000 m difference in altitude descent. 

About 500 entries
Yoshitaka:4 hours 26 min 21 sec, 11th in overall,7th in age group Michael:5 hours 07 min 50 sec, 50thin overall, 47th in age group
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Hakuba International Trail Run:
I ran the 1st Hakuba Kokusai (International) Trail Run 50k on September 18.In spite of 1st anniversery event, the race is well-organized including welcoming party, guest runners tsuyoshi kaburaki and Dr.rikka.And there are 7 aid stations in the course every 5km.Many professionals (from Sportiva & Montrail) and local ski players joined this events.I could really enjoy it overall.The course itself was very challenging especially uphill on Mt.Iwakate, but a little bit disappointing. Actual distance is 43km by garmin. (Trail:40%, Off-road:30%, Road:30%)I was doing well and maintained 4th position until half point, but fell down a lot on slippy down-hill.I choosed road race shoes. That was big mistake.The course was pretty mad and slippy from the rain the night before.I had very hard time in second half though, I could somehow maintain 9th place.I was very satified with the results among strong paticipents.
Time:5:00:379th in overall, 6th in my age group.

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Okutama Trail Run:

We ran the Ome-Nippara Okutama Trail Run 36.8k with Jurgen on Sep 24.I finished in 4thin 4:48:32! And Jurgen finished in 7:11:36. The course itself was challenging but very fun.However,I thought the race organization still have lot of problems.Only 1 water station was provided in 37km course....I was familiar with this area though,there was no course sign and direction. So I was sorry to hear some runners made course-out and could't even finish the race.I hope things would be better for next year.

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Comment by juergen wittstock on October 8, 2011 at 9:52am
Great results by "Mad Yoshi"! It would be great to get the info about these before the event next year, some other members will definitely be interested!

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