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It's been a good week for me, training wise. Even though I've had quite a tiring week, I've managed to get some good training done. So here is how it went.

Monday: AM Easy 60 minutes. No problems;just the usual Monday stiffness. Followed by 10 minutes of core work .

Tuesday: AM My first structured rep session for the fall. 6x3minutes with 90 seconds recovery on the road. Did these on an inclined course. And recorded on my garmin. Distances varied according to wind and direction; 3 were downhill and 3 uphill. Ended up running between 820 and 900 metres.

PM Easy 30 minutes.

Wednesday: AM 1 hour 30 with a nice long hill up to a Buddhist temple. Pure Nirvana! Followed by core exercises.

Thursday: AM Steady 45 minutes incorporating 3 laps of school playing fields whereby I gradually increased the pace. Jogging this most certainly wasn't . And then straight into 10 minutes of 150 metre strides. Finished up with my daily core work.

Friday: AM 1 hour 40 on a nice undulating coastal road with a 2k hill towards the end. And I didn't forget my core work. Then off to work to interview next years potential freshmen.

Saturday: AM 60 minutes including a 30 minute tempo run. Managed to cover a little over 5 miles ( 8:15 k for those who are in metric) Felt very strong.

PM: Very easy 30 minutes then 30 minutes of back, pelvis and abdominal exercises.

Sunday: 2hours 20 on the "Rollercoaster", a very undulating course; hence its nickname. The first 5 miles are quite tame but from then on things get a little tough. For the next 10 miles one's heart rate is constantly quite high due to the nature of the course. And around 11 miles there is a nice 20 minute climb. I've been doing this run for years, and if you run it at a solid pace the benefits can be quite significant. But if you're not fit ..........

Overall Weekly MIleage: Approximately 83 miles (130 ish Kilometers) Now if I can get 6 months of this training into my legs without any injuries. And now for next weeks 10k in Gyeongju.

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Comment by Owain Vaughan Lewes on October 11, 2010 at 1:14pm
Thanks mate. I'm certainly backing off this week. Fingers crossed that I don't get injured and with 6 months of this training in my legs, I'll run a pb in next March's Seoul marathon.
Comment by juergen wittstock on October 10, 2010 at 11:02pm
Hey mate, looks good, keep it up! Good Luck in Gyeongju!

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