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I run Chicago Marathon on last Sunday. Finish time was 2:56. It was good sunny day. But, it was bit a cold for Marathon.
So, Summy couldn't break world record. But,he established new course record.
He got a big money. $75000 of 1st prize and $100000 of extra bonus for course record. His time was just 1 second fater than previous one. Just 1 second! He got $10000.

I think the organization was good. The Course was flat and wonderful.Chicago is better than New York.(Sorry, Bob.)

Name Yoshida, Kiyonari (JPN)
BIB 1525
Div 45-49
Split Time
START TIME 07:29:55

05K 00:19:57
10K 00:39:57(20:00)
15K 01:00:01(20:04)
20K 01:20:08(20:07)
HALF 01:24:32
25K 01:40:11(20:03)
30K 02:00:43(20:32)
35K 02:22:11(21:28)
40K 02:46:08(23:57)
GOAL 02:56:39(10:29)

Place (total) 576/33419
Place (Gender) 532
Place (Div) 31
Total (Net) 02:56:39
Total (Gun) 02:56:40

I met Blenden and Amby in there.
Blenden is former Nambenner. He suppert for a several Japanese Company team in Boulder now. Amby is a former Boston winner and an editer of Runners World magzine. He is Brette's senor,too.

My photo is in LA marathon Brog.
It was taken in Marathon Expo.

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Comment by Kiyo Yoshida on October 21, 2009 at 3:50pm
Hello, Windy

I am so surprised that you read my report. Yes,I met you at press conference and mile 13.
I am happy to read your comment. I hope we meet again anywhere.


Comment by Wendy Shulik on October 20, 2009 at 12:46pm
Hi Kiyo! I met you at the Chicago Marathon press conference. We both have the same camera, a Canon TX1 and we were laughing about that. I am a video producer and shot some great footage of the marathon. In fact, I have you in it at mile 13!

Here is a link to my video:

Congratulations on running a great race and I hope you had fun and will run Chicago again next year :)


Comment by juergen wittstock on October 16, 2009 at 11:42pm
Cool pic! Otsukaresama!

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