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My first Fukuoka International Marathon was stopped at 40km point.
I was eliminated by timeover. Official staff stopped me at 40km line, when I had just reached at 40km line. The time limit of 40km was 2:37:30. My watch displayed 2:37:33. I was so chgrined at elimination. It's only a few seconds. If I could pass at 40km, I must cut the finish line. I couln't sleep after the race day night.

Now, I think my performanchi was not enough to finish Fukuoka. I need to increase my performance more. I have to do more practice. I will do Fukuooka again at next year. And I will done.

63th Fukuoka International Marathon

00-05km 19:04/0:19:04 (3:57,7:35(Av3:47),3:43,3:49)
05-10km 19:02/0:38:06 (7:33(Av3:46),3:49,7:39(Av3:50)
10-15km 19:06/0:57:12 (3:49,3:44,3:48,3:48,3:56)
15-20km 19:19/1:16:31 (3:49,3:46,4:00,3:50,3:53)
20-25km 19:23/1:35:54 (3:54,3:55,3:49,7:43(Av3:52))
25-30km 19:56/1:55:50 (4:09,3:42,3:59,3:58,4:07)
30-35km 20:33/2:16:23 (4:02,4:11,4:15,4:02,4:01)
35-40km 21:13/2:37:33 (4:07,4:16,4:24,4:12,4:13)

HALF 1:20:48
(20K 1:16:31,1:21:02)

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Comment by Jon Holmes on December 15, 2009 at 7:30pm
Good effort. Next year you will complete the race. Good luck.
Comment by juergen wittstock on December 15, 2009 at 12:46pm
Kiyo-san, that was really too bad! But it's great you ran the race anyway, I have never even achieved that!

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