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Today I ran the last of my three races in Hong Kong, 10k on Cheung Chau island this morning at 10am. I was in bed before 12, so I was relatively fit this morning, but obviously, the fatigue of two races showed. And the course was extremely hilly and probably a bit long. I placed 5th over-all and 2nd in age-group, getting another nice trophy. My time was 43:17, Gary Eng ran 54:26, the winner was not too far ahead of me, so you know what the course was like!

Mr. Yip, the oldest participant, nearing 90!

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Comment by Blurmax on January 2, 2008 at 1:20pm
I joined the same race too, and completed it in 56 mins.
The weather was just freezing but the route and organizing were just excellent.
I will join the same race in 2009 again.

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