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December 2008 Blog Posts (9)

Japanese Women's University Ekiden

See official website for a map of the course.

Runners lined up in Tsukuba Central Park, with six-time-winner Ritsumeikan University from Kyoto the favourite.

A group of runners reached the first hand-off after 5k, with Ritsumeikan's Risa Takenaka a close second to Kyoto Sangyo University's Itoh, who finished in 16:06.

Kyoto Sangyo lead into the second 3k leg, followed by Ritsumeikan and three more runners. On the… Continue

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Ota-Ku 10k

Frank-Arnaud Mehl was the one bright spot on an otherwise underperforming Namban team, finishing the 10k in a PB of 38:18. An out-of-shape Mutsumi ran 48:24, Juergen was happy with a 39:41, not too bad after recovering from a long-lasting cold.
Unfortunately, Kiki and Daniel had to cancel, so the team was a bit small this year...

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Hong Kong 15 Km Challenge - 08/12/21

Completed the Hong Kong 15 Km Challenge race ( 香港15公里挑戰賽2008 ] in a moderate slow time of 1 hr 23 mins+ in the slightly cool morning today.

I was very happy to meet so many runners friends including Sagi, Randy, Loban, Wilson, Gills, LEUNG , Running Sue and…

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Renard Gregoire meets Tokyo's most waterproof running club!

On Dec. 17., in heavy rain, Namban Rengo as usually had the biggest group on an otherwise almost deserted track. One reason may have been Renard's presence, as he had moved to South Africa a few months ago and was just back for one track work-out! Good to see you again, Renard!



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Mizuno 2nd Shek Mun 10 Km Race 2008 - 2008/12/8

I wore my new Adizero CS for the first time to join my first Mizuno Shek Mun 10 K Race ( 美津濃第二屆石門 10公里賽 ) in the early morning today. I finally managed to complete the race in an easy pace of 48 mins+ which was already quite a good time to me.

I was very happy to meet so many runners friends from Leisure Runners,…

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Naha Marathon

I run Naha Marathon in Okinawa on 7th Dec.

Naha marathon is 2nd largest marathon in Japan. There are over 30000

entry. Last Sunday was a good sunny day. Nice weather for marathon.

My finish time was 2:53:16. I think it was good time for me.

Because,the course was very tough. It was not easy to run by even pace.

It was almost flat by 10km point. 10km to 20km was going up to 90m.

20km to 25km was down hill. 25km to 37km was almost flat. But,the soft

wind was… Continue

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Kawaguchi marathon 5km

I took part in Kwaguchi marathon .it was one of big race in Saitama.I tried to break 19' 00".
My condition was pretty good ! I could relax and concentrate while the race.So I could keep
a 3'45" pace on a flat course. Also I was following the top group still 4km potint. Last 500m
,it was hard to take breath tough I could do a last spurt. Finally I finished in 18'53".And I got
the first prize out of 300 women. I was very happy to get a gold trophy!!

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Fukuoka Marathon

The annual Fukuoka Marathon was held as usual on the first Sunday in December. Conditions were favourable and commentators were hoping for a fast race.

A group of Japanese and international runners, mostly invitational, went through the 5k in 15:07.

15k passed at a relatively slow 45:25, with still about 15 runners in the leading pack. The runners reached the half-marathon mark in 1:04:01, with commentators speculating that the slow pace would favour Japanese runners. At this point,… Continue

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