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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to build a list of weird races all over the world. Things like disguised races, mud races, pajama runs and the like.

Are there any weird races in Japan ?


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I just ran the Boxing Day Run in Hong Kong, nice fancy dresses, but not really weird. There is a Santa Claus Run in Kyoto, but there are probably many all over the world. Hope our members know weirder ones!

Hello !

I understand that when you say "races" you are talking about long distance (10K or more).

Or your list includes races of 50-100mts ?

Fun but serious in terms of distance of course : no less than 5K. No English cheese rolling :-)
I see. I don't know this kind of races in Argentina but I will check and will asnwer soonest possible.
Hey Ernesto, great you're helping out! Hope his will be a successful project for Frederic!
Hello Frederic! Welcome to runningintokyo, I'm Francis, the African representative of this site, please come and visit me in Eldoret! I will look for weird races around here!
Watched a film clip of the rural olympics in the Punjab countryside in India. Included in the race program is an ox and cart race and 100 metre sprint for 80 year olds. It's certainly worth downloading on youtube if it exists  

Hi All,

 Being new in this site, I will look for weird races here in Kenya though currently I know few though are 50-400m.

Amos Komen.

I think we should start a pyjama  race in Japan... I think we would get alot of support!

Good idea! And you could have different categories such as: Best polka dotted pyjamas, best "Wee Willy Winkle Outfit" complete with cap, best stripped pyjamas, even a pyjama duathlon: the fastest person to change  from their running gear into the pyjamas, or who can make a cup of tea in the fastest time wearing their pyjamas.


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