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We will have a regular work-out in one of the stadiums in Phnom Penh every Wednesday, late afternoon around 5, for details ask Nary Ly or Vannarin Kao. I will post the schedule here every week.

Participants are welcome to post their results here!

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3x3000 (2000) at projected half-marathon pace
Hem - 3:25 - 1:12:05
3000 - 10:15
Nary 4:30 - 1:34:57
3000 - 13:30  2000 - 9:00
Vannarin - 5:00 - 1:45:30
2000 - 10:00

A-group (Hem, 3x3000@10:15)
B-group (Vannarin)  3x3000@10:00
all run together, restart after 13min (3min rest for Vannarin, 2:45 for Hem). Try to stick to short breaks. A-group has to jog 200m in break.
Strong runners of B-group (Nary) do 2000-2000-3000 if they feel up to it.
Slower runners do 3x1600

There is no need to use GPS, use the markers on the track, 5 loops for 2000, 7.5 loops for 3000m.

Thanks Juergen. We will keep you updated about the results. Nary

Will need to find some fast guys to push

Workout for April 3:

The (in) famous 800m practice by the late Frank Horwill.
4x200 in 40sec/40sec rest
5min break
2x300 in 60sec/60sec rest - 1x200 in 40sec
5min break
2x400 in 80sec/80sec break

Watch the video about Sebastian Coe I just uploaded to get inspired!

Thanks Juergen. We will keep you posted.


Sunday 31st March, at 5:30am. We took off for a 18.5km loop around the rice fields and villages around Phnom Penh Thmey. We were 7 runners: Nicolas, Buntho, Neil, Yann, Vannarin, Bunting and I, and a moto driver as mobile water station. we did the loop in 1h41. Happy Sunday ;)

really happy this is taking off! it looks like you are getting the critical mass needed for runners to develop!
looking forward to hear more, and join you again!
greetings from cold tokyo - with cherry blossoms!

 Friday April 5th, on treadmill my speed work results. 

Juergen has suggested: 4x200m at 40 sec/40sec rest
I did: 42sec; 42 sec; 41 sec and 41 sec, between 1 min slow jog.
Jog 5 min
2x300m at 60sec/60sec rest and 1x200m
Did: 62 sec, 62 sec and 41 sec
jog 5 min
2x4000m should be 80sec/80 sec rest
Did: 85 sec; 83 sec; with 90sec slow jog between.
Did 15 min warm up and 10min cool down.
The overall speed average is 3:28/km.
What is the surprise for the speed work?
PS: Bunting would like to ask a training program for the next Half in PP for 1h10 or so.

Excellent work by Nary, will think about training for Hem. He should probably include longer efforts at his half-marathon pace into his practice, for example 4x5000 in 16:40 with 2min rest for water and toilet. He could start by doing two of them, next week three, then try for four. Best on a measured road course, it would be pretty hard psychologically, on the track, also, the GPS works better if there are no turns, on the track, better switch it off...

He could also do 3x3000 in about 9:30-9:40, at least under 10min. These long work-outs need more recovery, but he still has to do two per week, and a long run of about 30k at an easy pace. The remaining days can be easy, best cycling, gym, or a 8-10k jog - don't push! If he takes short breaks (2min), 9:40 is good, if the breaks are longer, I would expect him to break 9:30. For the half, it may be better to stick to shorter breaks and simulate one longer effort, speed is not so important.

Here is the  next homework! Though it seems only Nary is doing hers!
5000m: 3x1600 at 5000m pace, Nary - 6:24, Vannarin: 6:56, Hem: 4:48
Breaks should be short, about 2min, but watch the heat, drink enough!

Keep me posted!

Horwill style work-outs for runners at 10k/40-41 min. level.

Not suitable for full marathon, but very efficient for all shorter distances. Great improvements can be made with little input of time, but work-outs are hard.

800m pace: 2:40

4x200/40sec – 2x300+200/60sec, 40sec – 2x400/80sec. 100% recovery time.

5 min. rest between sets.

Rests seem long, but you need them!

Mile pace: 5:36

2x2x800 at 2:48, 2 min. between laps, 5 min. between sets.

2 mile pace: 11:44

3x1200 at 4:24, 2 min. break.

5k pace: 19:35

3x1600 at 6:16, 3 min. break.

10k pace: 40:50

2x5000 at 20:25, 5 min. break.

Half-marathon pace: sub 1:28

3x5000 (4 if you are really strong) at 21:15, 5-7min. break.

Try to do all work-outs twice per month, taking one day rest after the shorter ones, two only after the two longest ones involving 5000s. Try for two consecutive months, then taper and race.

You may think this is too difficult, but once you are over the first week - of three hard sessions - you will get used to it. Rest days can be VERY easy, no running, gym, cycling or a short jog. Make sure you are sharp for the hard days!


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