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Waves of Hope for Japan - the whole story!

Ho Tsai, one of our members, raised 28560 US$ for the victims of the earthquake in Tohoku! Here is how it happened!
She wrote in her status update after the race:
On April 30th, Waves of Hope for Japan run/walk raised over $27000. There were 233 adults and 54 kids attending the event.
To give you a little background, and to tell you how she found out about, I quote her journal:
I am sharing my journal with all the running friends, who I have never met, in Tokyo.
Hopefully, one day we can meet and run together.
Yong is my husband, who had stayed in the States during the earthquake. Eling is my daughter, who just graduated from Yale, went with me to visit the family on her last spring break as a student.
My sister's family lives in Isesaki City and my parents, originally from Taiwan, owns an apartment in Oozuka area where we stayed during our visit.
Before I had left for my trip, I was trying to find some races to run when I was in Tokyo and came across "running in Tokyo" site. I was hoping to meet some of you to do some speed workouts but.....
(the earthquake happened, and Ho Tsai saw the post about our Saiko Eco charity run.
In response to an original Tetsuya Kato medal we sent her, she said:
Thank you very much for the gift! I am going to show it to everyone.
Dear Ho Tsai, it's our pleasure and honor!

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