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Stuart MacIntosh looking smooth, with Gordon following!
Today, I went to support our runners at the Tokyo International Marathon. I decided not to travel around on the train because I thought it would be too exhausting. I was lucky to be able to watch all Namban Rengo runners at my choosen place near Ginza Station before the rain started, but it must have been quite an ordeal for exhausted runners to run the last 8k in rain and wind!
For more info, refer to the organiser's website: Tokyo Marathon official website

Winner's results:
1. Salim Kipsang, Kenya 2 hours, 10 minutes, 27 seconds
2. Kazuhiro Maeda, Japan 2:11:01
3. Kensuke Takahashi, Japan 2:11:25
4. Sammy Korir, Kenya 2:11:57
5. Kenta Oshima, Japan 2:12:54

1. Mizuho Nasukawa, Japan 2:25:38
2. Yukari Sahaku, Japan 2:28:55
3. Reiko Tosa, Japan 2:29:19
4. Alevti Biktimirova, Russia 2:29:33
5. Shitaye Gemechu, Ethiopia 2:29:59

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