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Refugees International Japan Loop Relay at Imperial Palace

A great time was had by all the runners and volunteers thanks to great running weather and a good charity donation. Details on the amount will follow later. We will definitely do this again and double our efforts!

Thanks to all!

Positions were tightly contested in spite of having only seven teams on our first try at this kind of event. Kühne&Nagel's Tadhg Meaney's valiant efforts were not enough to hold of the determined high school students from Yokohama International School who received personalised Adidas trainers for their first place. Second placed Kühne&Nagel received an Addias electronic training device. Third place and a bag of Adidas goodies went to Latham and Watkins, who outkicked your's truly and the Oeconex team.

See you again in November 2014!

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