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Yesterday, I spent a few exciting hours in freezing cold Osaka, cheering for the participants of the Osaka Ladies Marathon. I was at the 17k/28k mark, near Osaka castle, so I could see everybody twice. As I wanted to cheer for the slower runners as well, I did not go to Nagai Stadium to see the finish of the winners.

I took a lot of pictures of faster and slower runners, just do to the pictures section of this page.

Yuriko Akaba won the race in 2:26:29 followed by rising star Mai Itoh in 2:26:55 and Chika Horie in 2:27:26. For more results, go to: Osaka results

For tourists and travelers in Japan, it is quite easy and good fun to watch elite races in this country, and there are many, including Ekiden (relay). Just browse the internet for information, and join thousands of enthusiastic Japanese with their colorful flags supporting their favorite teams or runners!

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Comment by Ernesto on February 1, 2011 at 3:54am
Thank you for the blog and nice pictures !

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