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Earthquake Charity Run cancelled - Latest News

Masako-san (Eco.Marron) still plans to run in Yoyogi and collect money for the earthquake victims, I will rally my friends in Kyoto and do the same.

Please contact Masako for the Tokyo run!


I will move to my second house in Ogawamachi tonight, as my car is there and it's fairly easy to get across the Chichibu mountains to relative safety.

If anybody from closer to the affected areas wants to join me there, please contact me.



As many of you know, we had been planning to do a "Charity Run" in the parks next Saturday. The run will take place, and I hope many of you will join. However, as we now have a major problem in our own country, I think we should collect for that first, and do something for OXFAM on a different occasion. I also wonder if overseas members could follow our example and organize similar "Charity Runs". Let's discuss the issue on this site!

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Comment by Tetsuya Kato on March 15, 2011 at 3:37pm



Doing all right here and I assume the same with you.  Below is just a copy mail.  Also emailed the same to Owain.  


When we were hit, I was in B2 of a major department store in the central busy area of Tokyo.  The basements usually do not wobble as much as the upper floors, but after 20seconds, it became serious enough to make standing a little difficult (people in the upper floors in high rises were violently tossed around on the floor).  Thinking of the small chance of a building collapse, and I looked for the direct exit to the subway as well as the staircase  (both of which are less likely to collapse ... for your future information).  After exiting the building, I took shelter in  the underground part of a major building (not directly under it, however), which I thought should be a safe place.  All public transport stopped, but some resumed service after several hours, thanks to which I reached home but many were stranded.    Mag 8.8 is the biggest on record.  After the first earth quake, there have been many aftershocks in different areas ...some very major such as the one in Nagano with a tremor level of 6+.  The fault that caused the first mega-quake stretches all the way to the vicinity of Tokyo, and in fact several mid-size quakes are taking place at this end point.    Following the mega-quake, around 4AM in the morning, twice, the cell phone rang bringing a government warning text message that there were major tremors in the area of this "end point"....mere 100km away...that should reach Tokyo soon.  I waited, being prepared,  for the major hit destined to arrive in 3-4 minutes.  In both cases, nothing major took place.  However, a mega earth quake in the Tokyo area has been expected for 20years, and this could well be the Time....seriously (although, chance is low they say).    Tremors are being felt every hour even as I write.  There is something very wrong here.  Nation wide, we are being hit sometimes every minute, as you see below.  

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