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Muyngim Eng, our aspiring race-director, proved to be a sportswoman in her own right by placing 3rd in the Duathlon event on June 1. held at Koh Pich, PP.

Not only did she place on the podium, she did so fighting adverse conditions and the handicap of riding a much inferior bike, yes, an old Japanese shopping bike with three gears, and wore a twenty year old German helmet!

She also had problems getting water, as the water provided seemed to be by the clubs that took part, therefore not available for all participants – a bit odd to me.

Muyngim ran with the winner on the first 2.5k running leg, but fell to 5th on the 10k bike ride. However, she was able to connect to the 3rd place group, and, confident in the kick she cultivated on Tuesday nights at Independence Monument, outkicked the two other contenders for 3rd and 100$ in prize money.

Several excellencies were in attendance, and Muyngim received her prize from HE Vath Chamreun, chairman of the Cambodian National Olympic Committee.

Interestingly, the ex-dean of her pharmacy school was also present. The dean knew of her academic achievements, but was surprised to witness her successful sporting efforts.

Several friends, including from the PPrunners Facebook group, cheered her on.

One of her Botany teachers showed up as a big supporter. He cheered her on and took a lot of lovely pictures and videos for her. He even prepared some sweets for her and already registered her for PPIHM on the 15st June - Oh no, now she has to practice!

She feels encouraged for her running future. Winning comes second.

The following day she was shown on TV (sport news) making her juniors pleased and motivated. Her family and friends were so excited! Muyngim says many thanks to all her supporters!


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