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What your funding supports

In Peshawar District, Pakistan
36 families with elderly or disabled dependents receive hygiene kits and psychological support
this impacts at least 180 people
improves health conditions and greater harmony in the family
the elderly or disabled members receive more respect
the community is stronger and more cohesive
Mrs Khayal, an elderly woman said, “I was feeling very despondent but the counselling sessions helped me a lot to recover. Now I am thinking towards life in a positive way.”

On the Thai-Burma border
one trainer to teach young adults about democracy, rule of law, fair trial, women’s rights, and minority rights
30 students graduate
30 graduates spread their knowledge about rights to hundreds in their communities in Burma.
starting small, ending big
A young Karenni male student said, “I learnt about democracy. We had no idea we could have a say in our government.”

In Karen state, Burma
70 baby kits containing basic essentials such as soaps, baby wrap and a maternal health care message
70 babies have a healthier and safer start to life
70 mothers learn how to be healthy and take care of their babies
infant and maternal mortality is reduced
One Karen mother in Burma recalled, “When I was in my village, I did not get anything like this. I didn't know any health message. But now I have moved here and I get the baby kit and I know how to be healthy.”


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