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While most Namban stayed in Tokyo to run Inagi or Tell, we risked a longer trip to Nagano to run the 10k in Saku. A nice place, friendly people, but the heat and probably the altitude (700m) slowed me down to a 40:33 for 10k.
I have to complain about one thing: An Ojisan was conducting a call just before the start, he realised that he was not going to get through his numbers - the 40's were higher numbers, so I was still waiting - so he ran to the starting line to tell another Ojisan to delay the starting time, but the other Ojisan fired his gun, and off we went.... Unbelievable in a race that even has official status by Japanese Rikuren. I had to plough through the slower runners and never found my rythm.
But well, anything elso about the race was charming, so I may go again next year....

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