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I went to support the Namban Runners at Tokyo today, had a great time, eventhough it was freezing. Jay sent a report to the flashnews section which I upload here now. Will include more as soon as people post on the list.

I had a blast today running an "unofficial half" at the 2nd Tokyo Marathon. For me it was a big "moving party" on a sun-splashed morning running sequentially with Stu, Rie, Yuka, Paddy, Gerard, Joachim, Martin, Bob, Steve, Brett, Omar, Yoshida-san, and Christian roughly in that order.

I am delighted with my times given my erratic pace and the dodging and weaving past the "A" group throughout all of the first 4 kilometer. Here are my approximate 5k splits:
5k - 21:10
10k - 18:45
15k - 18:16
20k - 18:41
Half - 1:20:35

I felt rather sheepish about only doing half of the real event. I kept wanting to apologize to the other runners and the spectators cheering so emphatically for the gaijin. "Sumimasen - I am really not running 2:41 marathon pace - don't be impressed." One of the biggest challenges was dropping out at the halfway area in Ginza where some of the largest crowds gather and the spectators seemed so enthusiastic in their "Gambatter Namban" cheers. I was relieved to spot Mutsumi and suddenly have an excuse to stop. Naturally a part of me wanted to keep going, but I didn't have the endurance in me today to go much farther today.

More background at
And Gordon's blog:

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Comment by Nicholas Ball on March 6, 2008 at 6:40pm
Does anyone know when, or even if, the organisers will post the full results of the marathon?
Comment by Gordon on February 17, 2008 at 9:05pm
I've put some photos up on my blog:

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