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I assume this is actually meant to be advice for triathlon- training, in this case, I should let the members know!
I went to Fogg and Kalker's White Asparagus Party

Kalker brought 2 Ukranian chicks with him

Can Prince recommend me any hebal remedies - I have an upset stomach
With an emphasis on the "herbal", runners and triathletes are healty people!
Prince recommends Omega 3 fatty acids taken every day. Asparagus is an excellent source of nutrition. Regarding the 2 Chicken Kievs, its more caveman diet compliant without the breadcrumbs.

On racing with a hangover, should I pound the electrolyte drinks? Or should I just continue drinking beer throughout the race?

Mix both!

Interesting question. The hangover is a good start, which shows you have considered carbo loading before the race. Unfortunately the headache illustrates you have not accustomed yourself to the beer, and so you should drink to satisfaction every night and not just binge drink before the race. Prince believes that the heavy yeast content and chemicals in beer is not the best preparation for racing and training. Prince research and that done on mice, rats and cats, has discovered increased endurance from red wine. Prince article:
How about herbal liquour?
But the company has a strict "no sports" policy!
A serious question! Friend has problems with his ankle and can't run, do you know any good, English-speaking doctor?
Leo King in Harajuku. One of my favorites.


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