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We are coming from Hong Kong to attempt the new ultrai trail Fuji (160k and 90k) on May 20.Anyone else?

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Hi Juergen


I need a bear bell. Are these easy to buy in a japanese outdoor shop?


Yes, would think so... Lots of bears here!

The most economical way to get to Fuji is usually by bus from Shinjuku (1700 yen one way) to Fuji-Q highland or Fuji Yoshida (and it's usually faster than the train as well, unless you happen to hit traffic at the wrong time of day). The UTMF page doesn't list where the start is though, so it's hard to say precisely which will be faster/cheaper/easier. Train connections to that area in general are fairly expensive and tedious, however. If you're opting for the bus route however, be sure to book well in advance, as all of the most convenient times will be reserved already by Japanese runners with the same idea. Either Juergen or I can assist with logistics and the Japan side of things for those that need it.


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