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I recently visited Tsukuba and did a series of runs there posted as follows:


Anybody here ran the Tsukuba Marathon?


Would appreciate your feedback.




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Yeah, I ran Tsukuba about 12 years ago, went through the 30k in 1h59, but badly faded to a 3:03 finish, bad memory!
I did it last year, and I got in this year :-).

I was at the back of the pack. Flat course leaving the university ground for the country side in the north west direction. It a go and come back race so you see top runners and all other faster runners. Good water stations, some traffic at the end as they re opened the roads and we had to run on sidewalks. No water stations for the last 5 or 7K which was a bit severe but it was slightly raining, so cool weather. Stadium far from the station, no buses that I found (but i'm a gaijin), so 3 more kilometers walking back to the station.

Cut off time was 5:30 or 6 hours which is more generous than Otawara's 4:00. Like Otawara, it's a PB course as it's flat but for a bridge at 5K, 37K, overpass above a road.

I'll try to be in shape to enjoy the course this year. I cramped violently at 25-26K year last and had to slow down. I was within 30 secondes of my target pace. So frustating. So I'll go back. Daniel


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