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Running in Tokyo/Japan - Marathon/Clubs/Track Races


Hi all, will be visiting Japan in the early april thus wondering any places to train for long runs and trackout. also, if any1 is interested in running together.

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Hello Benjamin,

we are mostly running in the Yoyogi/Harajuku area, from WIRED<>FIT, as I am currently a bit injured, better talk to Tetsuya.

I can, however, provide you with a free ticket for your first visit to WIRED<>FIT.

Cheers, Juergen

Thanks a bunch, is WIRED<>FIT a track stadium? 




Freecom English School



runningintokyo.com エコマラソン とコラボしている番組 ”Run Run Run” ◆こしがやFM868 ”ハローハッピー” 水曜日 22:00 ◆スマイルFM 767 (朝霞)↓ インターネットで聴けます!MC トーマス サワダ 榊原 ジョー


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