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"Mochitsuki" is a classical Japanese tradition present at any local
festival. A Japanese custom fundamental to the Japanese character.
It is literally translated as "pounding the mochi". "Mochi" is the paste
obtained from boiling/steaming a particular type of rice (glutinous rice)
and then pounded into a paste of a chewy and soft consistency. It is usually
served with "kinako" a powder obtained from toasted soya beans.
Sugar is usually added when "kinako" is served with "mochi"

Making "mochi" is not a solitary activity, it requires many hands from
boiling the rice, pound and shape the "mochi" paste. So making the "mochi"
is emblematic of bringing the community together to have fun and socialize
in a community project.

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Comment by Runfab on December 4, 2007 at 1:01pm
kind of!...but I also jump when I hit the mochi in order to have a full aerobic workout!...Jokes aside, I think in order to give an idea of track and races in Japan then we have to focus on the surroundings as well and not only the running or viewers of this blog will not get the feeling of what it means to run and race in Japan :)
Comment by juergen wittstock on December 4, 2007 at 12:28pm
Is this your new cross-training-method?

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