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Tokyo Marathon Report: PB 4:57'53" improved by 32'35"

Oh my god, I did it again. Third Marathon and third Tokyo marathon.

I finished below 5 hours as planned. Sugoi!

No injuries, great souvenirs, a lot of FUN. A lot of wind, specially in the face/side from Asakusa till arrival at Tokyo Big Sight.

So many souvenirs, such a great day, some great stories.

The first 10K are real mess as 10K and marathon runners are fighting for running space. We had sun on the way down to Shinagawa and back to Hibiya. I didn't take my sunglasses as rain was expected. And it rained. A cold rain came after 22K, between Ginza and Asakusa, cold and with strong gusts of wind. The return to Ginza seemed quite long with no major place of interest. I enjoyed the Kabukiza, just before the mysterious docklands. When reaching the docks, we faced the wind, like a small typhoon. Some trains lines had been stopped. Anyway, I was already quite slow and I just had to take care of not losing my cap.

The public support was fantastic. I got support from some of my family, my friends, colleagues and support from Namban Rengo cheer team. Thanks you to all. Special note for Ivanovich and Kaining who were at Hibiya, Ginza and Toyosu. We missed each other in the chaos of the arrival. I saw Kenji at Hibiya koen, Sachiko at Tamachi, I missed Masuo in Kanda. Namban cheer leaders were everywhere, at Shinagawa, Ginza, Shin Nihonbashi, and at kilometer 41. I ran with Nambans, with colleagues and 35000 runners. Thank you all for your fantastic support. I got a kick each time and it helped tremendously.

The support was really, really great this year. Namban Rengo is really a famous club around Tokyo. Many officials cheered on me as well as people quick enough to read and pick up the four kanjis. Many people were dressed up. I ran along side a guy dressed as a guy going to the sento with his towel and shower materials, next to a secret agent with suit and a right black earphone. I've been overtaken by a small girl dressed as a cow. I overtook a chicken. I also quickly overtook Father and Miss Christmas this year.

I saw quite a few people supporting the Tyler Foundation. Good cause. I ran for them again and raise 70K+ yen.

Official site gives 5:11'56. Watch time is 4:57'53. My starting point was corral J, at the back of the pack. Even K corral started ahead of us.

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Comment by Jon Holmes on March 23, 2009 at 11:50am
Well done.
Comment by Frank-Arnaud MEHL on March 23, 2009 at 11:00am
Chapeau ! Daniel (Je n'ai couru que le 10k)
Comment by juergen wittstock on March 22, 2009 at 9:50pm
Congrats! Too bad, I missed you, I was at 22/34k!

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