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The Road To Redemption: Part 7-The Taper

Yes, the day is almost nigh upon us! And I have just completed my taper. Everything has been done to prepare myself to produce the best I can do on the big day. Tapering is actually an art. Train too hard close to the event and the body will be tired. Taper too long before eg more than 3 weeks before the event, and the body shuts down too much.

Anyway this is how I've tapered

Commencing Monday 24th March

Monday : 40 minutes

Tuesday: 5x3 minutes at race pace with 3 mins recovery (av speed: 3:40 per k. Had to control myself and not go too fast)

Wednesday: Rest: Felt a cold coming on and weather was horrid. Best not to risk anything

Thursday: 30 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 30 minutes

Sunday: 30 minutes

Monday: 3x2k at marathon pace in race kit with 3 minutes recovery

Tuesday: 20 minutes

Wednesday: 15 minutes

Thursday: 15 minutes

Friday: Rest

Today: Rest

So now all has been done. Will be wearing Asics Tather Japans and will be wearing the colors of my London club Belgrave Harriers which is the same club the Mike Tees runs for. So far I've never had the pleasure of meeting him but now that I'll be running my first marathon in the M45-49 age category, I hope that I can achieve what he's done as a vet.

Anyway time to go to bed now so that I'm up fresh and raring to go tomorrow. And hopefully when I blog next time I'll have some good news.

Thank you for reading  


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Comment by Owain Lewes on April 7, 2014 at 9:13am

Thanks mate!

Comment by juergen wittstock on April 6, 2014 at 11:34am
Hope all goes well, mate!

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