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Chemical (MSG, flavour enhancer, amino-acid) free soba stand ... kano-ya

This chain soba noodle
stand (with seats, though) is kano-ya (かのや). They do not
seem to have a website but you often see them in town (not at stations, I think). There is one in Shinjuku W near the Yodobashi
Camera, below

The quality of the soba and the source for this price is simply impossible (mori soba is only 290 yen)....yes, no MSG.

Make sure you choose soba, not udon. Why?....udon is made from refined starch (just like pasta and white sugar), which is not only
deplete in minerals but also consume minerals during digestion, depleting the
body of minerals. Soba on the other hand containes more minerals (except the
cheap ones that are mostly refined starch).

I am soon off to Toronto, see you in three weeks.

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