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Yesterday was a great running experience.

The Tokyo Marathon is a great event to be part of.
I ran with a very experienced Marathon runner in Joachim. Joachim was pacing for Paddy.
Paddy,s goal was sub 3. I am not sure if he go it because at 32km I was feeling good so I pushed on a little and that was the last I saw of Paddy and Joachim, didn,t get a chance to catch them at the finish - will see them on Wednesday at training to get the full rundown I really enjoyed running with them over the first 32km. The whole course was lined with thousands of spectators cheering for anyone and anything. I have never seen an event quite like it. The crowd does give you a bit of a lift and it was great over the last few km. It was also great to see so many Nambanners participating.
My first full Marathon time was 2.56.40, this is the time I clocked on my watch, have not seen the official time yet.
Thanks to Anthony for giving me the opportunity to use his number.
Also thanks to the supportive Nambanners who where very vocal in the crowd cheering.

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Comment by Christian on February 19, 2008 at 2:57pm
Congratulations on your debut, Gerard!

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