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Numbers: 2:50:17 (gun time), 2:49:56 (own watch) hopefully sub-2:50
(net), PB by a few seconds (anyway)
In my second race against Viktor Rothlin, I lost once more. Apart from
him being a pretty fast runner I had to start from behind and as
expected he did not wait for me at all. Every time I try to hunt him
he does a new Swiss national record - maybe I should participate in
Beijing? In Zurich last year he was roughly 64 minutes ahead, last
Sunday in Tokyo it was 43 minutes only - watch out Viktor, I am
getting closer! ;-)
Jokes aside. Tokyo Marathon was a great experience. I really feared a
DNF because of an injury and I suffered from pain (knee and ankles)
over the whole distance. However, thanks to the great cheering of
fellow Nambanners, friends, hundreds of high school girls, etc. I made
it to the finish line. The fact that I ran a PB might mislead to the
conclusion that I did a good job, which is definitely not true. I had
a good fight (and I am happy with that) but strategy and tactics were
not appropriate and doing two pitstops of about one minute each (gave
me a break but also caused a loss if time) indicate that I was not
well organized and prepared. I hope that the ankle (I guess it's a
tendon inflammation) revocers quickly.
And I will never forget this year's Tokyo Marathon.
Splits and Japanese version

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Comment by juergen wittstock on February 18, 2008 at 11:01pm
Den kriegst du schon noch!

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