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Saiko Eco 5k


For beginners and fun-runners!

~thinking about what runners can do about the environment~

Unfortunately, some of the processed foods we consume everyday contain excessive amounts of

additives, which on the long term are not necessarily good for our health. Also, excessive wrapping&packaging, consuming our precious finite resources, has become an everyday scene. So, for the sake of us and our future generations, let’s start thinking about an environmentally conscious way of living. In this running event, we will be presenting ideas for an environmentally conscious, healthy diet oriented way of living.

This eco-run concept was inspired by Juergen Wittstock, a veteran-runner and long-term Tokyo resident originally from Frankfurt, Germany, as well as the CEO of HIkIkI organic label.

When:               17 April (Sun), 2011  Please register by 10:00AM

The race:           -5km (fun-run for men and women, 400 entries)

-5km (couple-running for men and women, 50 couple-entries)

Time limit:          1 hour (more than enough time for beginners)

Qualifications: At least at high school age and in good health

Where:               Saiko-Doman Green Park (彩湖道満グリーンパーク)

( Meeting point: Fureai-hiroba

(ふれあい広場) near the Kanri-bashi bridge (管理橋).

Address:            Saitama-Ken, Toda-shi (city), Ooaze Omose745 (by the Arakawa river)

埼玉県戸田市大字重瀬745他 (戸田市西端の荒川河川敷)

Access: Please take public transport. Musashi-Urawa St (武蔵浦和駅) (JR Saikyo line, Musashino line) => exit to the rotary(east exit) => at stop No. 2, take the 8:41 or 9:04 bus to Shimo-Sasame (下笹目)(Takeura-01 line武浦-01) => get off at Saiko-Doman green park iriguchi (彩湖道満グリーンパーク入口) => 10min walk

Organizer:                                  Schedule:

Sponsors:         RUNX, Alishan, KOMO,

Hikiki organic label                                     Registration………………………9:00-10:00

Supporters:      Oxfam Japan, Kenjyu-no-kai                     Opening ………………………..…9:50                                                   Start (fun-run, couple-run)...….10:30

Keio Univ.  A Cappella Circle                  Closing ……………………….….11:30

Rikkyo Univ. COR                                      Seminar on the environment…12:00-12:30

The course: A circular 5km course around the lake Saiko.

Registration at will close on 11 March, OR, upon reaching max registrants.              

Cost: 1700 yen (insurance inclusive) for fun-run, 3000 yen (insurance inclusive) for couple-run.        

Changing tents are provided for both men & women.

l  Plastic sheets for personal belongings are provided, however, please take care of your valuables.

l  Please ensure that you are in good health on the day of the race.

l  Awards will be given to the top 6 males, top 3 females, and top 3 couples.

l  Times will be recorded manually ONLY for the top finishers. Couples must finish simultaneously.

l  For More information pls visit:,

l  For questions, pls contact Masako at Hikiki organic label (, fax: 048-957-1620), or, call Tetsuya at 090-6707-6077 (cell). 


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