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Great weather and great prices made sure the turn-out for this race was as expected by the organizers. It's for a good cause, the Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL), and one participant actually managed 130000Yen in donations! Traditionally, many Namban members place in this race, and the Ladies' 10k was won by Yuri Kambara in 38:54. Jason Lawrence prevailed in the Men's 5k in a course record of 15;27.
The winner of the Men's 10k, Kenji Oyama, not a Namban member, also broke the course record to finish in 32:44.
Other podium finishes by Namban included:
5k, women: Chika - 21:10 (5th), Eriko - 22:50 (7th, PB)
5k, men: Brett - 16:17 (4th), Omar 16:37 (6th)
10k, women: Rie - 41:36 (3rd), Mika - 43:45 (4th), Jane - 47:11 (6th), Yuka - 48:42 (8th)

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Comment by Jon Holmes on May 2, 2009 at 4:57pm
What a great effort by the namban hord! Well done all.
Comment by Daniel on May 2, 2009 at 4:22pm
Congratulations to all. The hot weather didn't prevent Namban runners to win again...

I made it to the finish line just in time for the picture. Lucky !

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