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I run New York City Marathon. Goal time was 2:58:23. This was may first time NYCM. I had enjoyed it.
I felt a bit tired before start. I though I had damage that I had 100km marathon and full marathon 3weeks ago. My condition was not perfect. But, I did own my best. I am very happy that I finished under 3 hours.
I thought New York City Marathon was very tough event. The course was so. And, pre-race was very hard,too.
I got up at 4AM on the race day. I took a shuttle bus at 5AM. I arrived start area around 5:40AM. It was 4 hours before the start time. I must wait 4 hours in the cold outfield. It was long time.
I went to my start area at 9AM. It was 40 min before start time. I wondered that no one in the start area. I was 1st runner who stand in the start position.
I had big mistake! Summer time was changed to general time on race day Sunday.
My watch pointed 1 hour earlier than standard time. I had wait 1 hour 40 minutes in the start area. It was cold. My foot were freezed. Tough and severe.
It was very heavy event for me.

My official result is as follows.

No. 3201
Age 45M
Place 820 of 37750
Gender place 757
Age Place 62
Official Time 2:58:23

05km 0:20:50
10km 0:40:34(19:44)
15km 1:00:30(19:56)
20km 1:20:33(20:03)
Half 1:24:58
25km 1:41:25(20:52)
30km 2:02:23(20:58)
35km 2:25:16(22:53)
40km 2:48:36(23:20)
Goal 2:58:23(09:47)

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Comment by Gerard Robb on November 11, 2008 at 3:15pm
Comment by juergen wittstock on November 11, 2008 at 11:09am
Good job, and thanks for the nice post! And good luck in your duathlon in January!

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