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I ran the 10k today, finished in 38:41, much better than last week, a good result considering the fact that I usually get up just 30min before this race started - so I was basically sleepwalking! I think I missed the podium by one position! Namban's Omar Minami was running among the top 10 of the half-marathon when I had to leave, looked like he was in for a good result.
BTW, this race dropped off the radar a few years ago, maybe because the officals there, guys in white hats, see picture, told everybody to tuck in their shirts, and that was not possible with the (short) design of a Namban shirt. However, I found it quite enjoyable this time, will probably run the half-marathon next year.

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Comment by Jon Holmes on November 8, 2009 at 6:13pm
Nice run are getting pretty fast.
Comment by Lynne O'Donnell on November 8, 2009 at 4:41pm
I ran the Shonan 10K today. It was great race! The weather was perfect, the course is nice (and it is sponsored by Nike - an added bonus!) There is of course the marathon for those who like to suffer for a really long time. :) I finished in 41:16, not as fast as I was hoping but I will take it. I am a little unclear on my place, I was 6th or 7th, not quite sure. BUT - I do know that I was the fastest 40+er and one of about 2 gaijin - my husband being the other. :)

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