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Thanks to a great personal effort and excellent coaching, Keren Myers came away with the only trophy in today's race. But another three Wednesday regulars, Juergen, Michael and Frank finished top ten in their respective age-groups. Kim-san also did well, coming up strong in the second half. The two members on the right, who content themselves with a virtual presence, Steve M. and Pat still have to catch up – obviously, nothing can subsititute the training-effects of our merciless sessions on the Holy Ground of Tokyo running – Oda-Field.

Yours truly felt a bit fatigued after last weeks great success at Ome-Takamizu and focussed more on a supporting (or reporting) role. In return, I was cheered on by several team members during the second heat, thanks a lot! Thanks also to Satohi for coming around and taking pictures and yelling for us!


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Comment by Steve M on April 12, 2010 at 8:49pm
As the caboose of the group, looks like I need to get some more hill work in..Anyway, well done everyone! Enjoyed meeting you guys and I will be at this week's Namban track workout for one last run before I return to the U.S.
Comment by juergen wittstock on April 12, 2010 at 4:22pm
Great! Well, maybe we all can do Gasubashi, and keep me posted about the music! Cool pic, BTW!
Comment by Pat Glynn on April 12, 2010 at 1:14pm
Thanks for the support Juergen! Sorry I couldn't stay for the 2nd group but happy to hear you placed well.
I WILL make it to the Wednesday night session one of these days!

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