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A good time was had, while slow times were run... Nanban Rengo broke with tradition by taking this race very easy, I saw two trophies which probably belonged to Gerard and Ed, but over-all, we ran much slower than in previous years, and all had good reasons for it, like Tokyo Marathon and Ome-Takamizu.
Times are just the way I remember them, correct me if I'm too far off:
Gerard - 36:55 Ed - 37:15 - Juergen 39:55 - Frank - 40:10 - Chad - 40:50 - Tamami&Jon: 49:30
We enjoyed the Curry in Ikegami as usual, and will be back next year!

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Comment by Jon Holmes on April 15, 2009 at 11:03am
Yeah...this was a great run...back next year for sure but will give the Ome Mountain thing the week before a miss!!

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