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Comment by Barbara Schulz on August 12, 2010 at 10:06pm
hi everybody who loves trailrunning,
my first trailrun, after beeing 6 days in japan and after 2,5 weeks running the mongolia s2s i was in the japanes mountains together with 3 other trailrunners who actually organiced that. if anybody wants to know more about it, please contact me.
the trail starts somewhere after chino (sorry, i don't know yet where exactly) and we ran the first few k on a macadamsca street uphill, may be 150hm. this is quite good to get the warming up. after that a quite steep trail sarts, where you just go in a fast pace upwards with gorgeous views and some sweat. if you come closer to the real mountains, from about 2500hm on, its getting nice and cool and you can leave the hot air of tokyo behind you for some hours. the arris of these mountains is very sharp, but also beautyful. Once one reaches the arris, the fuji is always to be seen, absolutly great views. some climbing follows until one reaches the huts around the Aka-Dake. To climb this last part of the trail you need realy good condition, it's steep and difficult to take a fast pace. the top of Aka-Dake with it's far out views will let you forget all the sweat of climbing and running there.
The way down is quite steep and not easy and since my downhill capabilities are not as good as the uphill ones, i was now the "pacebrake" of our group. but we made it before darkness and everybody was happy and we had a good day together.
running in the japanese mountains is a great adventure and i like it already very much, after only a few days in japan
Comment by juergen wittstock on August 12, 2010 at 9:43pm
Super, den Text einfach darunter schreiben!

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