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Japan EU Friendship Run, 10Km race report

On this weekend, 11th Oct. Saturday, I, Jon san and Tamami san were enjoyed 10Km race in Nakamachidai, Yokohama.
First of all, please let me correct Jon's bog title...actually the race is called Japan EU Friendship Run. The race was part of the German School's October Festival.
The Friendship Run started in last year and then this year was 2nd time. In last year, the race was a small local race and almost all Japanese participants were from Yokohama because even the race was announced in RUNNET, the school locates nearby un-well-known small station called Nakamachidai.
However, in this time, the number of runner was about 2 times as many as last year's and mamy people were from out of Yokohama, who hadn't known where Nakamachidai station had been!

I was sure (?) that I didn't have chance to get prize from that big number of runners. However, as always, after start is called and I kick off first step, I become competitive. As....I caught 2 ladies who wore Running Skirt (this style is getting popular in Japan) in my sight and I felt that I wanted to beat them (^-^)/ In fact, they were faster. I could pass them by before I got 2.5Km but then they passed me by very easily at 4Km and 6Km (x_x;) And, yet, I was still thinking some accident would happen, if one of them slipped and fell down so that I could accidentaly be in 3rd...

Reality is that I finished 5th in women over 19 years old and the time was 43min 50sec. The time wasn't faster to get a prize but the time was same or a bit faster than last year's 3rd prize's.
This shows how high populality we have in running. Marathon is very popular and it is getting more and more in each year! Nowadays, in Japan, it is easy small fun race turn to big competitive race. People expect to get a prize!

Afterwards, I enjoyed very delicious German dishes. Some sweets were made at home. I'm sorry, Jon san & Tamami san. I lost you guys but I enjoyed delicious German sausages without you! Ahhh how can I get these delicious sausages?

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Comment by Jon Holmes on October 14, 2008 at 9:38am
ah I am busy both the next two wednesdays and then to Surfers Paradise for the Masters Pan Pacific Games....Edogawa? Are you running this? Maybe see you there???
Comment by juergen wittstock on October 13, 2008 at 9:26pm
Good job!
See you on Wed!
Comment by Jon Holmes on October 13, 2008 at 8:53pm
yes...small local race is now getting runners from Australia!
AND I still don`t know where Nakamachdai is! I just follow Tamami-san!

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