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Kimchi and Tofu after the race

Today I ran the 10k in Misari in the greater Seoul area. My friend Bokjin Park picked me up from the nearest station at 8am. The picture below shows me in front of his shoe-stall. FAAB (Free As A Bird) is a shoe for ultrarunners, BJ is the chairman of one of the Korean ultramarathon associations.
As the race started at 10:10, I had enough time to warm up, so I ran about 6k, best way to stay warm in the freezing temperatures. At 10, however, it was sunny and not too cold anymore, perfect running conditions. The course was absolutely flat at a boat-racing facility. I ran the first k in 3:35, staying in view of the leaders. On the second half, the markers were obviously off, I ran a 4min k followed by a 2:52 last k.
But as the course was official, I ican proudly announce that I definitely improved on my 37:35 I ran in 2007. I timed myself in 37:27, which would also improve on the 37:28 I ran in 2006, but will confirm when I get the chip-time.
I came in 3rd over-all, but unfortunately, I did not get the prize for it, because I registered on the day... They took my money, though. But BJ convinced them to give me a pair of nice socks and a set of soap, and the running jacket that everybody got was really nice.
Let's runkorea! Figthin'!

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Comment by Gerard Robb on March 10, 2008 at 5:41pm
Juergen san,

Omedetoe gozaimasu, yoku dekimashita.
Well done man, great time.

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