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As Omar mentioned before, my goal was to hunt Eric Wainaina in a group of three with Ed and Omar. Joking aside, I wanted to break 1:20 and to run a good preparation race for Tokyo but without going all out in order to recover within reasonable time. During a rather fast start the first few kilometer's felt quite nice and I just got tired after 13k or so, perfect for a fight to the finish line. At this time Ed, a quite young-looking over-40 runner ;-), picked up the pace and I tried to follow him resulting in a good improvement of my PB (1:25:58). Last year, without wearing the Namban singlet, I run 1:29:06 - I wouldn't have thought that wearing the right dress results in such an improvement... Try it yourself! Glad to have found Namban exactly one year ago, thanks to everybody for advice, competition, fellowship, motivation, organization,... Japanese, 日本語

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